CRCdesigns created gorgeous videos and pictures of our house during the selling process. So nice it made us want to keep it
— Almonte Ontario

We had a massive pile of debris left on a new piece of remote land that needed to be moved and discarded. CRCdesigns was onsite and in 1 day had collected the data, and provided the volume reports for pricing of removal to the client, and the measurement was spot on.
— Halliburton Ontario

Our company had a medium sized construction project that required the use of 3rd party contractors and teams. CRCdesigns flew weekly missions of the entire site, and provided presentation quality updates to our Project Managers in the city. It made our progress reports to board members incredibly cheap, and professional. As the pilot was also a Project Manager, it made for seamless integrations of CRCdesigns services in to the corporate office space.
— Ottawa Ontario

We have a 400 acre crop farm that CRCdesigns mapped over 2 days, and on the 3rd day had provided a series of detailed maps for the entire landscape. Elevations helped us understand where to adjust for drainage. RGB plant health indicated area’s in need of spot treatment, saving us thousands of dollars in spray, and huge amounts of our time. Also included was a complete mosaic of very high resolution that I printed in large format and hung on my wall. Outstanding service we will use again and again as the seasons go by.
— Maberly Ontario