Large Lot Survey

Quickly and easily cover hundreds of acres of land using our drones, and commercial pilots to produce a large array of data sets including elevation, RBG plant health indicators, 3D photogrammetry, and very high resolution mosaics that far exceed satellite images like Google Earth. There is simply no better way to collect such data for land sales, or planning

Construction Site Progress

Our teams will provide detailed video and data updates of site progress, from building construction status, land development state, and anything in between. As our team includes not only commercial pilots but Project Mangers, we are adept at melding field work results, into presentations that will provide quality and quantity to all stakeholders.


Stockpile Volume Measurements

Knowing the available materials your company has on hand for project planning, costing, and storage is a key element of many construction endeavors. CRCdesigns can provide these details in pleasing and data friendly reports in a one time or recurring scheduled fashion to ensure you company maintains a tight bottom line, while always being ready.

Structure Inspection

CRCdesigns is ready to conduct large scale surveys in a safe, fast and cost effective way. Our teams can capture imagery and date on structures such as Cell Towers, building roofs, Insurance Inspections, predict water flow and pooling potentials, as well as in confined spaces. In the past this has been dangerous, expensive, and training intensive. CRC can change all that.